The eSports is a rapidly growing industry, and many people have discovered it as a way to make money or simply for the thrill of watching their favorite players in action. But how does esports bet online work exactly? This guide will explain how to bet esports bet online in its various forms, from standard sportsbook wagers to live streaming bets.

Esports Betting Online Works In The Same Way As Regular Online Sports Betting

You can bet on eSports in the same way you would a regular sports match or tournament. You can bet on which team will win, but you can also bet how long a certain player will last before they die in their next game.

While all of this might seem a little too complicated, it’s actually very simple to place an esports bet online.

Most Online Bookmakers Have Betting Sites Specifically For Esports

If you’re looking to bet on eSports, you’ll probably want to look for a bookmaker that caters specifically to this sport. To do so, simply search for “eSports betting” and see what comes up. What you’ll find on sites are all of which offer odds on esports event (and many more).

These esports event may also have sections dedicated solely to eSports betting, otherwise they will usually have odds for popular titles like League of Legends and Dota 2. This can be helpful if you’re not familiar with the titles themselves but still want some action from them in your sportsbook account.

Esports Live Betting Sites: Allow You To Bet While The Event Is Happening

Many online eSports betting sites allow you to place bets while an esports event is happening. The most popular types of bets are the outcome of a match and the performance of individual players. For example, you can bet on whether team A will win or lose in their next game, but also whether player X will score more points than player Y during that game.

There are some restrictions on which eSport matches can be bet on live: for example, some sites only allow live betting on matches that have already started or finished (or nearly done) while others offer bets on both live games and pre-game odds. However, most sites will allow you to place wagers on esports event taking place at any time during the day so long as they’re still active at least 30 minutes before the end time listed in the event details page or tournament brackets page (whichever comes first).

How do you make money off pre-match eSports wagers? Well, if your team wins then you’ll receive more money than if they lose! The best part about making esports bet online is that there are so many different ways to do it—you can choose what works best for you.


We hope this article has helped to explain some of the basics of eSports betting online. If you’re new to eSports or just want to learn more about it, we recommend checking out our other articles on this topic. Most importantly, we encourage you to try it out for yourself!

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