Esports betting is a form of sportsbook gambling that allows you to bet on your favorite esports teams. If you’re not familiar with the term “esports,” it’s basically competitive video gaming, most commonly played by professional players who can earn millions of dollars through their performances.

When it comes to betting on esports such as esports betting Malaysia, there are many different types of bets you can make. Whether you’re interested in placing traditional wagers like straight bets or parlays, or something more unique like prop bets, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at an online sportsbook.

Esports betting is becoming more and more popular as people get more and more involved with esports titles like League of Legends (LOL), Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Rocket League, Hearthstone and Overwatch. In fact, one recent report found that approximately $1 billion was wagered on esports during 2018 alone!

What Are The Ways To Bet On eSports


– The most common way in esports betting Malaysia is to use a bookmaker. A bookmaker is an online or offline company that offers odds for sports betting. These companies have several different types of bets available, including whether or not a team will win or lose, how many goals they will score, and how many points a player will score during the game. Sometimes these bets are made on individual matches, but often they are made for entire tournaments or leagues.

Online Casinos

– Another way to bet on esports is through an online casino. These casinos offer games based on real-world events like football games or horse races; however, they also offer games based on virtual worlds like those found in video games and online role-playing games (RPGs). The casinos often offer bonuses when you first sign up so that you can try out their games at no risk to yourself!

Betting Sites

– A third option is through peer-to-peer betting sites which allow you to bet against other people rather than just winnings from a bookmaker or casino. This allows people who may not even be interested in watching sports but love playing video games.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Wagers In eSports

Straight-up Bets

– The most common way to bet on esports is to place a straight-up bet on the outcome of the game. This means you’re betting on which team will win, or which player will win in a duel.

Spread Bets

– Another option in esports betting Malaysia is to place a spread bet on the match. This is when you’re not just picking one team or player to win; instead, you’re trying to predict what the final score will be, like 3-1 or 4-2.


– These are bets that require more than one outcome to happen for them to pay out—like if you bet that both teams will score in overtime and they do, then your payout will be huge!

Winning Techniques In eSports Betting

When it comes to esports betting, the most important thing is to know your game. You can’t just throw money at the screen and hope for the best. You have to know what you’re doing if you want to walk away with a win. Here are some winning techniques that will help you get started in esports betting Malaysia:

Know Your Teams

– Do your homework on each team’s current roster and their history as a team. You’ll be able to spot any obvious weaknesses or strengths that could help you make smart bets in esports betting Malaysia.

Do Intensive Research

– Look at past performance stats and see how often the teams win or lose when someone from their roster is playing versus when they aren’t playing (this goes for both teams). If one player has an 80% win rate when they play but only a 60% win rate when they don’t play, then betting on them will give you a better chance at winning than betting against them would!

Understand The Odds

– Use the odds that the bookmakers give you. They know what they’re talking about, and they will help you to make a good decision. Know what kind of odds are being offered on each team before placing a bet—and don’t get suckered into thinking that higher is always better! Remember that odds vary depending on factors like player performance and opponent history.

Know Your Limits

– Esports betting can be an expensive hobby, but if you don’t know how much money you should be betting, you may find yourself in trouble. Remember: You can always take a break from esports betting Malaysia if things aren’t going well, but if your bank account is empty, there’s no going back!

Know The Risks

– Don’t forget about the risk vs reward factor! It’s important to remember that all bets are risky—even if they seem like sure things—so make sure that when you place your bets in esports betting Malaysia, they offer enough financial reward for the amount of risk involved in making them happen.

How To Calculate The Odds

Odds are calculated by taking the number of times an event has happened in the past and dividing that number by how many times it could have happened. For example, if a team has won three matches out of five games, their odds are 3/5 or 0.6.

The higher the number after the decimal point; the better the odds. So 1/10 would be better than 1/12 because there is less chance of winning in the first scenario than in the second one. You can calculate odds yourself if you want to get fancy—but we recommend using an online tool instead. It’ll do all of this work for you automatically so you can focus on getting ready for your next match.

In a nutshell, the odds for esports betting Malaysia are calculated by taking the amount of money that you would win from betting on a certain team or individual, and dividing it by the amount of money you would have to bet to win that amount. For example, if you were betting on Team A and had RM1,000 to bet with, then you would have to bet RM5,000 on Team B in order for your initial RM1,000 stake to return a profit of RM4,000.

There really is no secret to a successful esports betting experience. But if you arm yourself with the right knowledge such as knowing the odds of the game, then you will be able to make good decisions.

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