Melbourne Vegan Tours

An unforgettable experience on the Mornington Peninsula, tasting the best vegan food & wine on offer 

The OG Vegan Food Tour in Mebourne

  • ALL INCLUSIVE: $179 for the whole day NO extra payment required for food and drinks provided.
  • CHAUEFFERED: Transport to and from the CBD to the Mornington Peninsula (or meet us along the way)
  • EXPLORE: Visits to 5+ vegan businesses for food, wine & cheese.  
  • DISCOVER: A day full of vegan food and drinks with amazing company.


Where are the pickups & drop-offs along the way?

8:30am - CBD on St. Kilda Rd 9:05am - Chadstone Shopping Centre 9:20am - BP Eastlink NORTHBOUND 10:00am - Conscious Cravings Co - 475 Moorooduc Hwy, Moorooduc

5:00pm - Conscious Cravings Co - 475 Moorooduc Hwy, Moorooduc 5:40pm - BP Eastlink NORTHBOUND 5:55pm - Chadston Shopping Centre 6:20pm - CBD on St. Kilda Rd

Please note, timings are approximate.

When will tour be?

The next tour is Saturday April, 27th

How much is the tour?

$179 for the whole day. This includes transport, all meals, drinks and personal guides to the Vegan scene in Mornington. Each guest will receive a special Melbourne Vegan Tours tote bag, filled with resources, specials & discounts, 

How long does the tour last?

The tour will pickup from the CBD at 8:30am and return approximately 6:00pm. Things such as timeliness of other tour guests, weather and traffic can extend the tour slightly. 

What is included in the ticket price?

Included are all meals and drinks at three fully Vegan. Plus cheese tasting, wine samples and a sweet treat to finish. All transport to and from the peninsula is also included. 

Each guest also receives our regular 'goodie bags' filled with vegan resources and samples to help encourage those around to go Vegan. 

The meals are shared at most venues so you can eat as little or as much as you like, though there will be plenty of food available - you definitely won't go hungry! (if you do, we'll get more food)

Do I have to be vegan to be a guest on the tour?

No, while we'd love you to give Veganism a try we're certainly not here to pressure you. We'll do our best to illustrate that going Vegan in Melbourne is one of the best ways to meet new and fascinating people & businesses, enjoy amazing food and feel comfortable that you're making a difference in the world. 

Discussion and conversation is encouraged, but all we ask is that you respect the beliefs of the other Vegans on the tour and understand that it is a tour based on the philosophy of being Vegan. 

Are the places we visit all vegan?

All the venues we visit on the Mornington Peninsula tour are 100% vegan

How long do we stay at each venue?

Depending on the meal, we spend from 45-60 mins at each venue. Allowing you enough time to enjoy the food and the company with other vegans. 

Which venues do you visit?

The Mornington Peninsula tour will visit Soulful Vegan Food, Conscious Cravings, Wombat Cafe, The Vegan Dairy and Trofeo Estate winery PLUS some secret spots and stops along the way! 

Are the tour guides Vegan?

Absolutely! All tour guides on Melbourne Vegan Tours are passionate vegans that are involved in the Melbourne Vegan community and are working to grow the Vegan movement across the city and the country.

Do you offer any animal products on the tour?

NO. All meals offered during the tour will be 100% Vegan. We can suggest some other great food tours in Melbourne if you would prefer animal products.

Do you cater for other dietary requirements? 

Yes, we cater for other dietary requirements. Please make sure you note any requirements on your booking so we can let the venues know before we arrive.

Profiling the best Vegan businesses that Melbourne has to offer!


Socialise and meet other Vegans from around the world

We're passionate about bringing the Vegan community together and supporting one another


Learn about the Melbourne Vegan community

Voted #2 most Vegan friendly city, Melbourne is one of the fastest growing Vegan movements in the world


Discover new Vegan businesses and savour new dishes

Learn about each business and the story behind their passion for Veganism


What are Melbourne Vegan Tours

A guided walking tour throughout Melbourne with regular stops at the best Vegan businesses on offer. 

Each stop will include a meal with drinks provided along the journey as well. You will finish the tour well-fed, satisfied and inspired to promote the vegan movement! 

The tour goes for approximately 3-3.5 hours with all meals and drinks provided. 

Why we created Melbourne Vegan Tours

The exponential growth of the Melbourne Vegan industry inspired a solution to help showcase the best vegan business to locals and visitors. We're proud that Melbourne is one of the fastest growing cities for the Vegan movement with over 70 fully vegan restaurants now open across the city - up from 3 in 2009! 

With so much choice, we set out to create a relaxed solution that introduced people to some of the most popular vegan businesses with members of the vegan community. Being able to eat, meet and socialise with other vegans in the community was one of the key reasons we create Melbourne Vegan Tours. The fact that we get to do it at some of the best vegan businesses and enjoy their feed is an added bonus!  

Who created Melbourne Vegan Tours

Jess and Dan are the brains behind creating Melbourne Vegan tours. Vegans for over 2 years now, we also run a popular podcast and blog - The Reluctant Vegan - that documented our journey in going Vegan. Now passionate Vegans, we're excited to be able to show people just how far the industry has come! 

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