Esports betting is a new form of betting that’s become popular in recent years. It’s basically a way to place bets on online video games that are played competitively, like “League of Legends” or “Counter-Strike.” The games are played between two teams, and players can win or lose money depending on the outcome of the game.

The first major esports betting site was opened in 2015 by Unikrn, which allows users to place bets on League of Legends competitions. Since then, many other sites have popped up, including Betway eSports (2016), Bet365 eSports (2017), and Pinnacle eSports (2018).

Start Betting With The Best Esports Gambling Site

Before you can start to bet on esport, you need to pick an esports betting site. The first step is to figure out what kind of betting experience you want. Do you want to bet on the outcome of a match, or do you want to bet on the action happening during a match? These are two very different experiences, and they require different kinds of sites.

Next, find out what kind of site you want. Do you prefer free bets and free games? Or do you only want paid games? If it’s free games, then look for one with a lot of different games available. If it’s paid games, then make sure there are enough available for your taste. Pick a site that has the odds that are most favorable to your interests. For example: if you want to bet on esport Team A but Team B is the favorite, then look elsewhere—but if Team A is expected to win and they’re not favored by much, then this is probably a good option!

Also, check out what kinds of bonuses they offer. Some sites will give you free bets or reward points every time you deposit money into their accounts; others will offer new players cash bonuses when they sign up for an account or make their first deposit. Don’t forget to check their customer support team. Customer service is really what separates good sites from bad ones, so make sure they have fast and friendly responses whenever you need them!

What Are The Promos Offered By Esports Betting Sites

Free Bets

– You can get free bets if you sign up with an esports betting site. This is a great way to try out the site before you start wagering any real money!

Welcome Bonuses

– These bonuses are typically given to new players who sign up for an account at an esports betting site. They’ll get a certain amount of money deposited into their account when they deposit some funds themselves.

Referral Bonuses

– If you refer someone else to bet on esport site, then both of you will receive extra money in your accounts! This is an easy way to earn more cash without having to do much work at all!


– You can get back some of your losses if you bet on certain games and don’t win. These are usually offered by esports betting sites with low stakes, but not always!

Promotional Codes

– These are similar to referral programs in that they give back some portion of what other players spend on bets; however, instead of getting paid directly by the site, these codes usually give users extra points or tokens that can be redeemed later on.

Deposit Bonuses

– This type of promotion is pretty straightforward—when you deposit money into your account on an esports betting site, they will reward you with extra money or free bets so that you can start to bet on esport with that money immediately instead of waiting for it to accrue from winning bets over time (which is normal).

Bonus Points

– Some sites offer bonus points for every dollar spent—on top of whatever winnings you might receive from placing bets or playing games themselves–which can be redeemed for cash at certain intervals

How To Use The Promos To Your Advantage

Identify The Type Of Bonus

– There are two main types of esports gambling promotions: free money and free spins. Both can be used to bet on esport favorite teams or players, but they have different restrictions and rules that must be followed in order to withdraw any winnings.

Check The Bet Requirements

– Wagering requirements are the amount of money that must be wagered before withdrawing any winnings from an esports gambling site. Most sites require that you wager your bonus at least 10 times before withdrawing it (but some require as much as 25 times).

Terms And Conditions

– Do not forget to read the fine print of the promo or bonus codes from the eSports betting site. The terms and conditions will highlight what you need to do before you can take advantage of the promos that you use to bet on esport games.

Best Strategies To Help You Win In eSports Gambling

As esports gambling continues to grow, more people are finding success in their betting. But what are the best strategies to help you win in esports gambling? Here are our top tips:

Do your research. If you’re looking for a specific team to bet on esport, make sure that you know everything about them. Watch their matches and read up on them online—even if it’s just so you can understand why they’re playing well or poorly.

Don’t get greedy! It’s tempting to put all of your money on one team, but that’s not always the smartest move. If you spread out your bets across multiple teams, then even if one loses, there will still be others that can win for you overall.

Be patient! It might take some time before you find a strategy that works for you and your budget, but it will be worth it when it does happen because then you’ll know exactly how much money is coming in from each source so that neither goes into too much debt (or even bankruptcy).

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy and learn from your betting journey. You may win big or lose some, but if you are having fun when you bet on esport, then you are definitely in the right place.

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