It’s not just the regular Dota 2 Majors that have you betting your life savings on them. The Spectres updates have introduced esports to more casual players than ever, and in-game items can be used to either directly affect gameplay, or acquire new skins of in-game accessories through events.

If you’re new to betting on these events and are wondering what they are, this guide will help you understand everything about them so that you can start placing your bets!

This article is specially formatted for those who don’t know how to bet on a dota2 esports event.

What Are Dota 2 Events?

Events are the main point of interest in the game, with almost every update delivering new ones. They feature cosmetic items that can be used by players to decorate their heroes, and also special items that can be earned by playing the game.

Attending an esports event is also a great way to make money from betting because no matter what, bettors always win at least some money. It’s also worth noting that most events award items to all players, so even if you’re not betting you can still earn some cool stuff!

Spectres Event

Like the Rebirth update, the Spectres event was released with the Reborn update. The event is similar to the Reborn event, except that the tiers are based on the quality of the items. You can expect Rare, and Epic items.

The Spectres event is a single-tier system, meaning that if you bet the required amount of keys, you’ll receive an item at the specified tier. For example, if you bet 800 keys, you’ll receive a Spectre’s Legendary shirt. If you bet 3000 keys, you’ll receive a Spectre’s Legendary jacket.

Why Should You Bet On Dota 2 Events?

Dota 2 is one of the most popular games in the world, and esports event is also growing as a part of the culture. If you want to make some extra cash while also having fun, betting on events is a great way to do it. Events are generally good for making money and you will always win at least some amount of money from them.

Another great thing about esports event is that it is a good way to earn items from your heroes. Even if you’re not betting, you can earn cosmetic items by playing the game!

If you’re new to dota 2 betting, events are a great way to get started.

Tips For Betting On Dota 2 Events

– Betting on higher-tier items is always worth it. Even if you lose, you’ll get a great number of keys in return.

– Always follow the dota 2 betting guide carefully. It’s easy to lose all your money if you don’t!

– Invest as little as possible. You can always increase your stakes later if you’re losing.

– Always bet on games you understand. You should know the teams, players, and storylines before you bet so that you can make a more informed decision.

– If you want to bet on a team and you’re unsure who to pick, a great way to pick them is by picking a team you like. That way, you’re betting on your team.

– If you’re just starting, follow the dota 2 betting guide slowly. You can always increase your stakes as you keep winning.

– You need to understand the game before you can bet on events. There’s no point in dota 2 betting if you don’t understand the game.

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