If you are an e-sports fan or have been following the news about the development of this unique and fast growing sport, then you have probably heard about esports betting Malaysia. The fact is that e-sports betting has grown into a multibillion dollar industry that attracts millions of people from around the world.

With so many people gambling on their favorite teams and players, it is important for you to understand exactly what it takes to make smart bets on esports betting Malaysia. In this guide, we will go over some essential things you should know if you want to start betting on your favorite games.

Know The Sports You Are Betting On

One of the most important things that you need to do when betting on esports betting Malaysia is to know the sports you are betting on. There are many different kinds of e-sports and each one has its own rules, teams and players. You should also be aware of some in-game items that exist within each game.

The Major E-sport Games Include:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation created the first-person shooter game CS:GO. Fourth in the core Counter-Strike series. Terrorists and Counter Terrorists face off against each other in this game. The terrorists’ goal is to place the device, while the counter terrorists’ is to stop them from doing so and eliminate the terrorists.

Dota 2

Following its release in 2013, the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game Dota 2 swiftly rose to prominence as one of the most popular competitive video games. Valve Corporation was the developer and publisher of Dota 2 at the time of the game’s first release, which took place in July 2013 as an early access title.

League Of Legends

The game follows a premium model and is supported by microtransactions. Because it is the most significant structure in a protected zone, the nexus is the objective of the attack. Riot Games hosts a variety of professional leagues inside each League, in addition to open tournaments that have substantial prize pools.

StarCraft II

This e-sports game is set in a science fiction universe where three races battle for supremacy over the galaxy: Terran, Protoss and Zerg. Each race has unique units, buildings and resources that they can use to create new types of soldiers or vehicles needed to complete missions or defeat enemy forces. The game received critical acclaim upon release due to its high production values, gameplay depth and reliability potential.

Learn About The Team And Players

Once you start with esports betting Malaysia, It is important to be familiar with the players. There will often be one or two players on a team who are regarded as superstars by both the supporters of the club and the players on the squad itself. These people have a track record of winning championships, thus it is reasonable to anticipate that they will do extremely well in any competition in which they take part.

The Several Ways To Keep Track Of Your Bets

Write down each game that you place a wager on and keep track of wins and losses in a notebook or spreadsheet. The key here is recording all information about each game so that if one doesn’t pay off as expected, it’s easy enough to review your record and see where things went wrong.

Learn How To Place Wagers

There are a few different ways to place wagers on esports betting Malaysia. In the early days of online betting, most sportsbooks offered only one way to bet on e-sports: by picking a winner. This is still the simplest way to place a wager, but you can now also choose when and where your team is going to win and how much they’re going to win by.

You can also make single bets for things like which team will win first blood or which player will get the most kills during a match. These types of bets are called “props” because they are often very specific predictions that aren’t based off results from previous matches but rather what will happen during a specific event.

In-Play Betting Options For E-sports

In-play betting is a form of betting where you can bet on the outcome of a match that is already in progress. The odds for in-play betting are usually lower than pre-match odds, which means that you could get better value from your bet if you time it correctly. In-play betting can be a good way to make money on esports betting Malaysia.

Learn About The Different Markets And Manage Your Bank Roll

The odds that are offered and the payments that may be received are both determined by the market that you select to put a wager on. It is vital to educate yourself on the various markets and how they function, as this will help you avoid making any errors that may end up costing you a lot of money.

It is essential that you properly manage your bankroll when you begin your adventure in the world of betting. If you have a sufficient bankroll for esports betting Malaysia, you will have a better chance of resisting the temptation to place wagers that are excessive in comparison to what is appropriate.

Write down each game that you place a wager on and keep track of wins and losses in a notebook or spreadsheet. The key here is recording all information about each game so that if one doesn’t pay off as expected, it’s easy enough to review your record and see where things went wrong.


Since you now have more knowledge regarding esports betting Malaysia, the next time you attend an esports competition, you should make it a point to place a wager. The most effective approach to do this is to visit some of the greatest websites on our list or to look for one that meets your specific requirements. After all, there are a lot of opportunities available to choose from!

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