In recent years, esports has exploded in popularity all over the world. It’s no surprise, then, that Malaysia is no exception. In fact, many people believe esports to be one of the new fads in Malaysia. Is this really a new phenomenon, though? Or is esports just riding the wave of popularity that gaming has been experiencing for quite some time now? In this blog post, we will explore the answer to this question and more.

Type of Esports in Malaysia

Esports in Malaysia is still a new trend, but it is gaining more popularity with each passing day. With the rise of electronic sports, esports has become one of the most popular pastimes in Malaysia.

The first esport betting event in Malaysia was held in March 2018 at the Cyberjaya Expo Centre. The inaugural tournament featured four teams from various universities across Malaysia, and it was won by University Malaya.

Esports in Malaysia is growing rapidly, with tournaments being organized regularly. In March 2019, the Esports Arena Championship (EAC) was launched as a professional league for gamers based in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Eight teams competed in a double-elimination tournament format over five weeks, with the winner earning a prize money of RM250,000.

The growth of esports in Malaysia has been helped by its popularity amongst youths. According to market research firm Newzoo, millennials are the demographic most interested in electronic sports, accounting for 49% of esports viewers globally. This interest is likely to help esports continue to grow in Malaysia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

History of Esports in Malaysia

Malaysia’s foray into esport betting has been a rocky one. The country was one of the first to get behind the scene when it came to competitive gaming and grassroots tournaments, but its push into professional esports has been lackluster. While there have been some successful teams and players, Malaysia’s representation in global championships is lackluster at best.

The reason for this could be twofold: first, there is little infrastructure in place to support professional esports. Second, the Malaysian population isn’t particularly interested in esports as an spectator sport. Despite this lack of interest, grassroots tournaments and competitions continue to grow organically, with Dota 2 becoming the most popular game.

The lack of infrastructure is largely due to government apathy towards the industry. However, with the right support from national institutions and businesses – something that may be on the horizon – Malaysia could see more success in terms of representing its athletes internationally. Until then, it will continue to struggle to attract top talent while also facing stiff competition from regional rivals like Singapore and Thailand.

The Different Types of Esport in Malaysia

Esports are a rapidly growing phenomenon in Malaysia, and the different types of esports that are played there offer spectators a wide range of entertainment. There are currently five main types of esports being played in Malaysia: competitive video gaming (e.g. League of Legends), professional fighting games (e.g. Street Fighter), traditional sports with an esports twist (e.g. golf with eSports elements), online streaming tournaments (e.g. Dota 2 International) and mobile games tournaments (e.g. Clash of Clans).

As esports continue to grow in popularity, it is likely that even more types of esports will be introduced into the Malaysian market in the future. This diversity allows for a wider range of spectatorship, as well as opportunities for new teams and players to emerge and compete on an international stage.

Sponsorships in Esports in Malaysia

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the growing Esports industry. Companies large and small are starting to take notice, as Esports is seen as a potentially lucrative new revenue stream. Sponsorships in Esports have started to take hold in Malaysia too, with some big names jumping on the bandwagon to get involved.

Esports is still seen by many as a new fad, but sponsorships could be the thing that transforms it into a long-term phenomenon. Fans are willing to invest money into brands that they believe in and see success from, which is why sponsoring an Esports team can be so successful. There are already plenty of big names getting involved in the Malaysian Esports scene, including Coca-Cola, Proxima Blue and Red Bull.

The Growth of Esports in Malaysia

Esports is no longer a new fad in Malaysia. It has been growing quickly, especially among young Malaysians. This is likely due to the increasing popularity of video games and esports competitions.

There are currently two major esports leagues in Malaysia: the Malaysian Esports Association (MESA) League and the Astro Gaming Masters League (AGML). The MESA League was created in December 2016, and features teams from all over Malaysia competing in tournaments. The AGML was founded in January 2018 and is made up of professional gamers from countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand.

There are also numerous grassroots tournaments happening across the country. These tournaments often involve local universities and colleges, as well as gaming clubs. This grassroots competition is important for developing talent for the future of esports in Malaysia.

The growth of esports in Malaysia is certainly noticeable. There are now multiple leagues and tournaments across the country, with more being created every month. This demonstrates how serious organizers and fans regard esports as a viable form of entertainment.


Esports in Malaysia is still a new trend and it’s growing rapidly. With tournaments such as the World Cyber Games, Dota 2 Championships, and League of Legends World Championship happening every year, esports is definitely a popular pastime here. While there are concerns that esports may be taking away from traditional sports like football and rugby, it seems more people are starting to pay attention to what’s going on in the gaming world. If you’re interested in watching or playing esports in Malaysia, make sure to check out some of the events taking place in Malaysia this year!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why esports in Malaysia is heating up and how you can get involved. We hope that this gives you an idea of what to expect when watching or playing esports in Malaysia and helps make your decision about whether or not to get involved easier.

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